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Pablo Red

Pablo Red

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Pablo RED Super Strong Slim All White from N.G.P Empire is a very strong nicotine pouch with a clear taste of spearmint and mint. With a nicotine level of 30mg/g, Pablo RED is not recommended to beginners. The release of nicotine and cooling taste of spearmint is instant due to the perfect moistness of the pouch. The 20 slimmed pouches are delivered in a stylish can and has a very comfortable and sicrete fit under your lip.


  • STRENGTH                                              EXTRA STRONG
  • FLAVOUR                                                MINT
  • PRODUCT TYPE                                     NICOTINE POUCHES
  • FORMAT                                                 SLIM
  • NICOTINE (MG) PER GRAM                  30
  • NICOTINE (MG) PER POUCH                24
  • POUCHES PER CAN                              20
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