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White Fox - Full Charge (Six Paw) - 16.5mg/g

White Fox - Full Charge (Six Paw) - 16.5mg/g

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White Fox "Full Charge" is the strongest of the lineup, with a full gram in each portion. It packs a punch, so beware. White product with a strong and very special mint/spearmint flavor experience – with a familiar burn/tingle and cooling sensation. Loaded with stregth a hint of natural essential oils.  Portioned in a special fleece paper, this unique material provides a symbiotic flavor release when compared to traditional papers. White Fox Full Charge: for Siberia lovers.


  • STRENGTH                                      NORMAL
  • FLAVOUR                                        MINT
  • PRODUCT TYPE                             NICOTINE POUCHES
  • FORMAT                                          REGULAR
  • NICOTINE (MG) PER GRAM          16
  • NICOTINE (MG) PER POUCH        16
  • POUCHES PER CAN                      15
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